I am because of you

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. -Barbara Bush

25th January 2016

It was a cold morning, so I was sleeping and saw a dream that the yesterday’s accident was just a nightmare and I am absolutely all right, so in excitement I woke up but, couldn’t move myself, due to traction in my both legs, which was disheartening, yet the feeling of being alive on the hospital bed was something that made me felt better.

I took my breakfast, which was tasty so ate them all, what can you expect from a hungry stomach! uhh…

Last night my dad informed that he was going to come which also means, for sure in his fit  he will say “I told you to be  more careful look what have you done to yourself” while I was thinking about it, I saw my dad with our company driver.


For the first time I saw tears in my dad eyes, I could feel his pain, so with a smile on my face I greeted him, seeing me energetic he recovered back and asked about my health and police complaint.

The incident was already reported to police and a Zero FIR was launched in some other police station which was then transferred to Sadar Police station as the area where my accident occurred comes under this police station.

Dad consulted the doctor and decided to take me back to Jaipur and meanwhile the Head Constable came and I gave my statement and all other necessary details. As till now the diagnosis referred to have bed rest for 22 days only. Doctor told that I could be taken back to my home but in the resting position without moving me.

So soon my discharge papers were prepared, and for this dad arranged an ambulance, which was costly but there was no other option, I remember within just one day we paid almost 35 to 40 thousands of Indian rupees. Then I was to be shifted in the ambulance, as I could not move myself I was lifted along with the bed sheet. I remember my dad’s delicate and loving hand touch when I was a child, and after that this was the date.

When he lifted me, I saw him acting like a firm father and motherly mother. What a moment it was! For a second I lost all the pain I wanted to jump off in his lap…

Journey from Gurgaon to Jaipur was a long and tiring one, on every turn and jump I felt immense pain, and every time this happened dad took my hand and asked if everything is all right. And my answer used to be I am all right but feeling pain in both heels. After every five minutes dad used to adjust my heels so that I got some relaxation, but that was also temporary.

Meanwhile my elder sister took my x ray image and consulted various other doctors in Jaipur, the answer she received from the first doctor was something she could not digest so went to consult other 5 doctors and all had that one diagnosis which was told by the first one.

So it was decided that I will be admitted to Mahatama Gandhi Hospital, situated in Jaipur.

Meanwhile I understood one thing that family is something which will never leave you at any condition, they may cry seeing you in pain but they will never let you cry, and  I am too happy to have my family in my life. From past 3 months whatever I am doing be it recovery or the daily work achievements this is all dedicated to them.

I won’t have been me without them.

We all should thank all of our family members for being there with us.


I hope my dear readers are liking my posts.

The rest story of admission and their diagnosis will be told later on.

Till the next post hasta la vista Readers.


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