The U Turn

This is something I may not explain how much it affected me but is something that has changed me completely


What’s the point of being negative or fearful? We can’t control it.  –Mathew Ashford

My last post ended up with my arrival in Jaipur, and the diagnosis waiting for me to shatter me for a second.

As it was a long journey, by the time me and my father reached Jaipur, the Sun left us to his own home, it was dark outside like me from inside when I saw three smiling rays approaching near the ambulance in which I was brought to Jaipur, and they were the one who always inspire me a lot and sometimes I do for them 🙂


Meet my siblings we proudly call ourselves “Four Cartoons.”

I wanted to hug them but could not, yet in our in usual way we greeted each other by saying “Yo”. Dad decided that my elder sister Garima Di will accompany us to the hospital.

We reached Mahatama Gandhi…

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