Good Morning Readers!

It has been long since I updated my blog, so apologies for it. It’s easy to say to be positive all time, but we all break, some sooner or some later, but we all do.

Some break at intervals and some anytime. I usually find something good at everything so sometime people call me “optimistic”, but now it’s enough, I can no more handle the things going inside me. So here I am breaking my chain of blog post, as this is a high time to stop playing a chirpy positive girl.

I have always heard and you all must have also heard that after every accident the survivor or the victim is the most sufferers and accused the least, I used to wonder why? I am a fighter and I can’t suffer the most.

But when I fell in to the web of this line now I understand why it is so.

So this is a letter to my Mr. Accused.

Hello Mr. Whosever,

I don’t know you and we have never met each other, but your one wrong decision has made my life go off track. While you were driving there was a person assisting or may be two were assisting you, they are also equally responsible for whatever happened to me.

Guys why did you took a wrong back turn, couldn’t you gave me a signal, I have only two eyes and that too God has fixed them in front of my body and not at back.

But your mini-truck has rear view mirrors to help you drive; you had people assisting you in driving or so. Still you couldn’t see a fat bulgy girl like me. I was not thin and timid or like a paper or a thread invisible to you.

Or your owner was right that you are the one who is fond of doing accidents and killing people, and I was the lucky one to survive.

You can’t even imagine the pain I am going through or was suffering from.

Let me tell you I could see my right leg but could not feel it, it had come out of my body. For the first time my nerves were behaving as BFF, there were not communicating with the brain they were not following my orders.

You must have been put in Jail for a month or so, and your family must have cried but now your life is on track, and look at me I am 24 now, girls at my age either earn or get married but they don’t seat at home and wait for their body to recover.

For a day or two police must have threatened you or punished, but here every time society punishes me by commenting on my Karma and the way I walk.

I am girl who dreamt of earning to live a lavish life of her own, I have a long list of wishes to fulfill and then settle down in life, but today’s reality is,  each day I am going behind everyone.

I don’t know you are married or not, I even don’t know that you have kids or not, may be you have, you have a happy family. But what about me, whenever I appear in society those silly Aunties comment on me that the situation I have landed on, they will never have a girl like me as their daughter in law.

I don’t give a damn about the topic. I am determined towards my professional life, yet I am human it hurts, the pain I suffer you can never imagine of it.

May be your parents are still alive and they would have gone through deep pain seeing you in Jail or being punished by Police, but do you know what my family went through when I was lying on hospital bed. They had seen a stronger Mahima, who never said no to any challenge, and today’s reality is there is always a big NO for almost everything.

It has been almost 5 months and 16 days of our encounter, and that has changed my life completely.

Your nights must be sleepy and calm or you may work, but I usually wake up during nights not because I have to do something productive but because my body is so much of pain that I need to take turn at short intervals in order to understand which side is perfect to sleep.

After the accident either you are working and earning for the same owner or may have changed but look at me I can’t earn a single penny, though I am from well to do family and don’t require to earn but my knowledge is now in darker side of room which wants to explore the world but is not allowed to do so.

You can never imagine the pain a person goes through when she is not able to do those things which she used to do.

This week Monday my doc told me that I need to halt my life for some more time, and may be for lifetime. And all the credit goes to you. Thanks for whatever you did to me!

Your wrong decision Mr. Accused, yes yours changed my life completely and till now it has changed for bad.

There is not a single day when I don’t feel the pain, there in not a single day I don’t curse you.

I have never though very bad for people even they did wrong to me, but you are person who changed me.

Do you know I was a strong(which still I am) and independent girl but now I require someone to be with every time, as I never know what comes in front which I can’t handle.

I loved tracking; roaming but now I can’t even go to park all by myself. 5 months and I am just in the four walls of my house.

Do you know Mr. I love riding, I had learnt Scooty riding in very less time, was a first yet safe driver, never hurt a dog or even a stubborn squirrel on my way. And now the condition is even a high speed bicycle crosses me I get scared it feels like the bicycle will crush me down, so forget about facing cars.

Whenever my dad takes me to doctor through our car, maximum of the time I am scared of being hit and crush.

When your mini-truck hit me I was screaming so loudly that the other vehicles stood to see the accident but you didn’t listen, I don’t why? Even you were about to crush me second time. Thanks to my angel she came to rescue me.

Well thanks for ruining my life, and thanks to your owner who has the courage to call me and offer to settle the matter out of court, let me tell me it will never happen. I don’t know when but surely you will get punished by law.

And I will make sure you do, so that no other Mahima has to change her life.

A life where one has search for a ray of light to guide her to live a life again.

Thanks Mr. Accused for whatever you did, just by our actions, which you termed as mistakes!



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