The DoomsDay

Incident that turned my life. A day filled with agony, intense pain, AND A DREAM THAT WILL TURN EVERYTHING RIGHT.

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The DoomsDay

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. -Audrey Hepburn

Hi Readers Welcome Abode

Welcome to the journey of “Fight2Stand”.

24th January, one lonely Sunday in my PG, the breakfast was spicy, we Indians call it Chatpatta, any guesses? Yes you are right it was pakod.

Gurgaon is a cold place as compared to Jaipur so still it was my acclimatization time as I had just joined the company where I was working before.

Well coming back to the journey, I decided to buy some fruits and multivitamins in order to keep myself cope up with the night duty, oh! I forgot to tell you I am a Clinical Recruiter working for a MNC and thus always have a night shift which is tiring yet adventurous.

From the moment, I was coming out of PG ,I don’t know why there someone who always told me not to take the main road route, this was for the first time I didn’t listen to the inner me. Everything was fine. I bought whatever I wanted. While returning back my inner me directed me again not to use the same route but then she was ignored and thus as per my custom I informed my mom that I am done with my shopping and returning back to PG.

Gurgaon traffic and their driving sense is really something I can never understand (sorry people who drive in Gurgaon) and so I was on my left and that too on service road. I saw a mini truck standing on the service road something struck me but it was empty so I took my way, but…

Within a fraction of second something hit me down, I felt down on road and something was on me till I could control the situation I was under that mini truck I cried “stop stop stop”, but it didn’t. It kept me rolling inside it, I was crying with fear and pain but knew that I need to save me from getting crushed so I folded myself.The next moment, there was something that hit my right leg very badly and it leg  twisted, I lost my sensation from right leg.

Now I was near the front tire  it touched my right collar bone. This was the moment I realized I will die, it was for the first time I had seen death so near to me. I was crying “Please stop please…” but they were not in the mood of it, I lost all hope and knew now I will die, but then suddenly  I saw an angel, she came in front of the mini truck and it stopped.

People started surrounding me, all were angels for me as all came to help me out, few dialed 100(emergency number), few offered their two wheeler but I could not stand, my main focus was to inform my parents so I asked for my phone.

I had seen my phone was under the tires but she is tough like me and so was not broken, few offered me to use their own mobile, but I was not able to remember any of the numbers(this is something I can still not believe of me). It was a great relief to see my mobile being functional I called my mom and told her I met with an accident.

During this period there were various moments where I just wanted to close my eyes and pinch in order to wake up from a nightmare which wasn’t. I could not sense my right side though left portion was still working.

Various men lifted me and was loaded in , I think , a Maruti and my dear angel was with me…

At every moment she was with me, I was taken to a nearby hospital where I called my landlords; they are really nice as on my single call they were available there to help me out. The first hospital was not quick respondent hence my angel (I forgot to tell her name, her name is Kamini she is a nurse is Medanta Hospital) so she decided me to shift to a better hospital and suggestion was made.

During my 24 years of life I have heard a lot of thing on “importance of time” and  that “it’s always passing by”, but for me time wasn’t elapsed it was stuck, stuck with pain, fear, hate, uncertainties.

Each moment I wanted to faint but my inner me didn’t left away, she was with helping to gain consciousness, motivating me she wanted me to be awake and so I followed her instruction.

With the help of an auto I was shifted to other hospital named “Pushpanajali”.

As I was about to shift on X-ray table I could not move. My whole body was immobilized and there was immense pain rolling in and out. Ward boys lifted and made me lie on the table they told me to shift my right leg, I couldn’t! This was for the first time my body was not responding to my brain and her command.

Well somehow they took the X-ray and on temporary basis I was transferred to a bed in the basement, meanwhile I received a call from my HR regarding my accident and she informed me that my senior will soon visit me, land lady was there with me whereas the land lord was busy in admitting process, this was the time when my angel made a good bye gesture but before leaving she told me that she will stand with me  in court if required.

The owner of the mini truck made a visit and was friendly in the beginning but I think in order to show their strength they said “our driver is known for making accidents, each time he starts driving crushes one or two people under the vehicle and some have died!” this made me happy! At last I am alive…

The doctor was invited only after a payment of rupees 10,000 was made (this is called professionalism) I asked him in confidence about severity of the accident and told him to say the truth inspite of my family not being here, he smiled and replied “are you sure you can hear it?” seeing my confidence he told that it’s just dislocation and soon everything will be fine.

Traction was brought and along with 2 nurses and one ward boy my dislocation was fixed while fixing the right leg dislocation he saw that even left was having some problem hence traction was applied to it too.

I can never forget the mix feeling that I had during relocation of bone, as some nerves were affected so they pinched out while getting relocated but the feeling of getting back the feel of right leg made me feel that I am on the seventh sky.

My inner voice was with me consoling all the time, darling don’t worry everything would be fine, I was shifted to a semi private ward where I had spent my night as I knew next day my dad was going to come.

My land lady is kind and gentle ,she was with me for the whole night . Mean while my senior was also there, he only told me after conversing  with the doctor that I have to be like this for only 22 days and then I will be back to normal life.

Oh! What a relief, the feeling to live back to normal made me happy, I talked to  my friend Kanika and informed her about the accident.

Then the point came I wanted to pee but couldn’t raise my bumpy hip so for the first time in my life catheter was inserted into my body, a painful process but at least I had some relief, but these small little things made me feel that everything is going to be alright.

That day I discovered how lonely people can become when they are not with their family.

People around we were helpful, caring, yet I was missing my family, after a long time I wanted to be a kid who can sleep in her mother’s lap( the best in whole world), I wanted to talk to mom. I know it was silly as it was midnight and I knew she must be sleeping, but I wanted some magic to happen so that I can come back to home and say mom “yo momsy how are you? You know this is really painful my whole body has big scratches they are bleeding and I am in pain please do something”, and I knew this can’t happen at least for time being not possible.

I knew that if I am happy my body will respond so in spite of some much  pain and loneliness the news that my father will be there was acting as a coolant, so I went to sleep.

I saw a dream to get well soon.

This is all for now but what happens next will come in the next post.

For now



The Big Gift on The Big Day

All I ever wanted really, and continue to want out of life, is to give 100 percent to whatever I’m doing and to be committed to whatever I’m doing and then let the results speak for themselves. Also to never take myself or people for granted and always be thankful and grateful to the people who helped me.

– Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Hi World and Hello Readers,

I am Mahima Tiwari people call me by various name like Mahi, Google (:-)), Momos…

I started with this quote as this is something which everyone must follow up in their life and make this as a motive in whatever they are doing and I also follow it up every time be it bed of roses or bed of thorns.

As I am going to start writing for my blog I really don’t know how to start or what to write as there are so many emotions going on within me like sometimes tears are shedding of like “bin mausam barsaat” (unseasonal rain), sometimes rays of happiness are being showered on me, and sometime an unknown blank emotion covers me up.

Still I can tell you one thing for sure is that the reason for this blog is my genius sister Juhi, she wanted me to pen down my feeling especially the ones I have felt and lived with it, and named them as “Fight2Stand“, it’s going to be a journey of every person in this world who is fighting to overcome their difficulties, you all are welcome to share your feelings and journey of overcoming your weakness.

But before staring the journey may I ask you: “what is the best gift you have ever received on your birthday?” For some it may be Love, some may say “I got a Job”, and for some it’s their first salary, for kids it may be grand party. For me this birthday was really special and you know why!

As I learned to sit on my two flashy thick bumps! yes you read it right on my 24th birthday the biggest gift received by me and that too by my body was I could sit, though it was only for fraction of seconds then I had to again become a bedridden patient, but this fraction of seconds made me forget all my pain I have been suffering from three months.

Now you guys know I am bedridden patient, but I was not like this before and this is something I am suffering from January as…

Wait I am not going to tell you everything in this post but will certainly share it as I believe this may help someone around the world who may be suffering from the same or may be worse which I am.

But certainly my blog “Fight2Stand” is for everyone and anyone who is fighting to stand on their own feet and trying to regain back their identity, this is not only a journey I am going to tell you this is a journey which each one of you leave may be not in the form I am living…

“Fight2Stand” is an initiative to bring positiveness from each negative vibes which is tough but will happen and for sure will happen.

Welcome everyone.. Welcome to your own world, a world of #Happiness #Positiveness